Bug Player

Taepung Shin knows every nook and cranny of his favorite MMO video game Paradiso like it was the back of his hand! However, his gaming adventures suffer an abrupt end after his untimely death. But this is not his last hurrah since he’s reincarnated as Jared, a delinquent lord of a frozen province… in Paradiso! Now, he must brave the world he loved and take advantage of all glitches he knows about and turn himself into the main character of his new solo adventure! --- - [Original Webtoon ](https://webtoon.kakao.com/content/%EB%82%98-%ED%99%80%EB%A1%9C-%EB%B2%84%EA%B7%B8%EB%A1%9C-%EA%BF%80%EB%B9%A0%EB%8A%94-%ED%94%8C%EB%A0%88%EC%9D%B4%EC%96%B4/1929) --- - [Official Japanese Translation](https://piccoma.com/web/product/53073)

Dane pobrano ze strony mangadex.org korzystając z ich API - także przepraszamy za chaos w rozdziałach, będziemy to na bieżąco poprawiać :)